My Unfortunate (Off)Broadway Debut

I love NYC. I mean –  in a “I don’t know if you should love a place this much” kind of way.

The sights, the sounds, even the smells. Yes.Even on trash collection day. it might be a problem.

Times Square in NYC



While other folks might mediate to relaxing sound of ocean waves or birds chirping – I want horns honking, drivers yelling and sirens. No, I do not understand why – it simply IS. And yes, I love the ocean and the meadow and a blanket of bluebonnets and picnics and all of that too – I just adore the city.

So, my darling hubby takes me there as often as we can get away. We especially love it in the winter – or at least I especially love it in the winter. We usually go with minimal plans. We wander the streets. We pop into our fav restaurants. We people watch. We nap with the windows open. We sit in Bryant Park and sip the worlds best hot chocolate topped with house-made marshmallows. We scour the local papers for deals on shows and if we find something we go – a concert, a local band, sometimes Broadway, or our real love – off Broadway. The “off-er” the better.
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Why the Butcher Made Me Cry

Christmas Eve Day. The table is set – beautifully I might add. Why? Because for the last month I’ve fretted over each and every detail because I adore a gorgeous table. The theme this year is glam-glam with extra sparkle. Mirror and silver and babbles.

All is well. Except it isn’t. Due to terrible planning on my part and tons of reasons (excuses) I do not have a menu planned. That is correct. The table is set – but there is no food in the house to eat on the lovely china plates. And I am stressed. (Ya think?!)

My loved ones aren’t all going to be together. There is other “stuff” going on. Little stuff and big stuff. Emotions are high and it fells like – despite my perfect table (yes I said it again – the table is gorgeous) – my world is crumbling. And I am sad.

Frantic race to the grocery store to fight with all the other poor planners and scramble for what ever food scraps are left to throw together because hey – that’s not the important part of a meal anyway, right?!

Seriously. I feel myself begin to unravel. Continue reading

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An Imperfect Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday – it’s all about family. The being together that I love so very much.

For whatever reason it has always been our holiday with the most traditions. Others, like Christmas, were  often spent at various locations and doing different things – but Thanksgiving has always meant more predictability – same menu, same faces, same venue… And I like that – no I LOVE that! And it doesn’t hurt that fall is my most favorite season either 🙂

So when I saw the most perfect Thanksgiving/Fall decorative pillow I wanted it… BADLY! Continue reading

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Super Hero Wannabe

I boarded a recent early morning flight already tired. As I settled into my seat a woman approached carrying a screaming infant and a tantruming toddler.

I knew what was next – they were destined to sit near me. I’m pretty sure it’s in my frequent flyer profile that anyone loud, stinky, annoying, snotting and eating smelly food must sit by me. 

clouds from an airplane window

And here she comes – settling in to the seat right in front of me.

I have been that woman, I had empathy! But that didn’t make me less tired or less… ok. aggravated. I am sad to admit – I was annoyed the sleep I so craved was pushed further away – as if curled up in a window seat with your neck in some strange position and snoring sounds all around made it a lovely experience to begin with.

I did manage to sleep. I woke several times and the screaming and kicking and wailing were ever present. But I did drift back off.

As the plane began to land I cleared my head and began to gather myself in order to make a mad dash to the next gate. Then the flight attendant walked by to assure everyones seat backs and tray tables were in the upright position (yup) he stopped at the seat in front of me. He leaned down and spoke softly to the mom. Continue reading

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The Unexpected Price of Pride

Hubby and I had the amazing opportunity to sneak away for a few days to our favorite little resort in Mexico where we go every chance we get. They know us there – it’s personal and welcoming (and the food is awesome) and we really get to unwind and indulge.

In addition to the lazy river (heaven!) we try to do a couples massage every trip. Oh my gosh. These are the most amazing things! If you ever get a chance – please do it! It’s so relaxing and rejuvenating and… well it feels just like the best thing ever.

So, Marcus and I were in this tiny room while our bodies were being ministered to by a couple of sweet therapists who were taking excellent care of us. It was like being in a sacred dream with the sounds of the ocean and the sweet smells of lotions and the calm music and the absolute totality of relaxation… and then I heard it. The unmistakable “thwap” of a giant fart.  Continue reading

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Race War: Heroes and Redemption

to gain or regain possession of (something)
in exchange for payment.

The cracking headlines late Wednesday evening introduced us all to Emanuel AME in Charleston, South Carolina. The historically relevant church was instantly on the lips of Americans as we tried to sort out the tragic events that unfolded in this sacred space. Nine dead. Executed during a weekly Bible Study.

The reported reason?
The suspect wanted to “start a race war.”

I felt powerless to do anything. I grieved. Hopeless at my inability to fix what is so tragically shattered in our world I honestly wondered if any one or any thing could make things better.

Then – I watched the arraignment – as family member after family member spoke to the suspect, representing the victims. Continue reading

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For Hurting Parents

when parents hurt

“Parenting isn’t supposed to hurt like this!”
“I did what I was supposed to do – what went wrong?!”

Have you ever felt like that? Confused as to what the hell happened to your adorable toddler?!

The truth is parenting is soooo hard! I mean it’s totally wonderful! It’s the best, most awesome thing EVER – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t painful and messy and exhausting too. It’s okay (maybe even critical!) to admit to yourself that, sometimes it just HURTS!

And this beautiful, amazing and devastatingly difficult task might be made even more challenging in the age of social media. Why? I mean there are more resources at our disposal. More books and tips and blogs and more everything! So why would it possibly be more difficult when there’s so much advice?? Continue reading

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