Eight Things to Do On Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

You don’t have to be lonely on Valentine’s Day even if you’re single. I promise this day can be lot’s of fun! Like many of you – I have mixed feelings about this “holiday.” (See The Love / Hate Day ) But I embrace any excuse to celebrate – and LOVE is something totally worth the attention!

BUT… I do really, really think we should expand the definition of love – even as it relates to February 14th! I know – who am I to discuss this when I have a wonderful hubby – but that doesn’t mean every valentine’s day holiday was perfect for me – or that it’s always the best day for my friends.

So here are some thoughts on how to make this holiday rock – even (or maybe especially!) when you’re single. So, I talked to some people, did some research and have compiled a list of things to do for Valentine’s Day that do not require a “significant other.” Still – these things can be awesome with kiddos, with your spouse, or right by yourself.

How to Enjoy Valentine's When You're Single

Valentine’s Isn’t ONLY for Lovers 😉

1 – Have a “galentine’s day party” (yes, guys can do this as well if they are so inclined but “guyintine” sounded sort of dangerous…) so here’s what you do: Plan a night in with your fav friends, rent a stupid funny movie (the stupid part is important!) maybe have everyone shoA single valentinew up in pj’s and laugh till your sides hurt. it’s like a yoga workout – I promise!

2 – Visit a Nursing Home and hand out (sugarfree) candy hearts and cards (homemade or even the kind intended for elementary school kids to make). The holidays are often extremely difficult for residences. Some have family that visit – many do not. Take a bit of time to sit and talk with the ones who want to talk. You will learn some stuff – then take some time to appreciate another persons story.

3 – Buy the biggest bouquet of flowers you can afford – then take them to a widow. Then (and this is very important!) sit and ask them to tell you about their loved one. Don’t rush them. Doesn’t matter if you’ve heard the story before – listen again.

4 – Know a struggling single parent?? Do something indulgent for him/her for the holiday. Babysit while they get a manicure or play a round of golf. Give sappy gifts to the kids. Feed them sugar 🙂 and talk to them about how love is way bigger than just a girlfriend/boyfriend.

5 – Are you a single parent? That can make it doubly tough – but it really is a great opportunity to set an example for your kiddos that love has lots of meanings – and they will always own your heart. It’s the perfect time to take your kids out to do something loving for other people – maybe even a “trick or treat” in reverse – you go to give to others. Money tight? Give a homemade coupon book to grandma for helping with her chores or for hugs. Find something that you can give – you’re kids will begin to realize giving is a big component in love!

6 – The really hard stuff – after you’ve lost a loved one. While broken hearts of break up’s and being single on this day can feel terrible – how to get through holidays when you’ve lost a loved one can be unimaginable. First I’m so sorry for your loss. Truly. And I won’t make a silly list for you – grief is a process and you must walk yours out. So do what you need to do – and remember – often the best way thru pain is to help someone else thru theirs. So when you can – reach out. You have the power to help yourself while helping others.

7 – What about if you’re loved one can’t be with you. This can be rough – and with a hubby that travel’s so much it’s one I’m very well acquainted with. We celebrate on alternate days. We are careful to send texts or FaceBook posts or leave notes tucked into the suitcase. We take the time to write out the sweet things we would say to one another – and that works out really well because you can keep those notes – they become quite precious.

8 – Are you just pouting and sad cause you don’t have a boy/girl friend? Well… stop it. 🙂 Remember LOVE is indeed bigger than you and your lack of relationship – now go find someone who needs all that love that’s bottled up inside you and do something kind for them.

Open your heart. Help the lady in Target with her groceries. Smile at the dude with 5 million tattoos. Look folks in the eye. Be nice to the cashier. Pour hope and laughter and encouragement on someone else. Send it out into the world. You can’t lose when you live life like that ya know – February 14 and every other day too.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

What things do you do to celebrate the “love” day??

Valentines Day


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2 Responses to Eight Things to Do On Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

  1. Deb Sherwood says:

    great ideas! i love your messages and look forward to them! Happy Galentines Day!

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