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Ninja Mom

Tomorrow I get to meet Marc’s new Seeing Eye dog. Tonight I’m thinking about Garret. Continue reading

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I’m Dreaming of a White…. Space

As a long time writer, editor, PR person (yada yada yada) I can promise you that one major not-so-secret secret any pro will confirm is that the White Space of any piece is a critical element if you would like … Continue reading

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Dancing For Joy

It had been a rough morning. Hey – it happens. I don’t believe in denying the feeling – but of course, it’s not a place we should camp out forever! So, I have a few tools for dealing with days … Continue reading

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This Is Going To End Badly….

Mason, the worlds most adorable toddler, has officially ‘graduated’ and is now a real live boy. He starts Pre-K this August. It’s shocking and wonderful and horrifying and amazing and beautiful all at once. We are all having those universal … Continue reading

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Pulse of our Heart

It happened again. I guess we all knew it would – even tho we prayed it would’t… we knew. What I never expected was that it would be five miles from my front door. Glued to the television, struggling through tears … Continue reading

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Paisley Park at Midnight

I can not say I was ever the biggest Prince “Super Fan.” Truthfully… I don’t believe I ever actually owned an album. I was enough of a Church Girl to be completely horrified by many of his lyrics / behaviors. It is … Continue reading

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Giant Horn Beetle Saviors

Traveling to different parts of the country means getting to experience so many different things – new foods, new customs, new accents, new decor… and new bugs. The bug part is not my favorite part – I readily confess this … Continue reading

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