Dancing For Joy

It had been a rough morning. Hey – it happens. I don’t believe in denying the feeling – but of course, it’s not a place we should camp out forever! So, I have a few tools for dealing with days like this:

  • Cry
  • Shout
  • Text a friend
  • Whine
  • Wine
  • Clean
  • Watch Bad TV
  • Tell my poor hubby AHHHLLLLLLLL about it

Or dance. Where ever I am – when one of my songs comes on I jam. The car is my preferred place – but it can be the kitchen. Target. Home Depot. The garage – you get the jist.

And it’s bad.  It is SO SO bad.

I am the worst dancer – i mean the very worst.

I think I am missing the little internal gears that make a body twist and wiggle the way it needs to in order to shimmy and shake.

Seriously – I’ve had lessons from all kids of people who have – I kid you not – given up on me. Walked away!

Even drunk people will not dance with me twice. 

It’s bad. But – I love to do it (which might be very sad!) and sometimes I dance till I feel better.

So I was sitting at a stoplight feeling all crappy and sad when an old Shania Twain song came on the radio. This song is even more special because it has a fabulous place in our family history where someone was once caught by his sisters lip syncing it complete with a hairbrush and choreography.

That memory made me smile. Then just like that I was singing along. Louder and louder. Then the head bobbing. (Ha! I first typed boobing and almost didn’t catch it! – Sorry – random note… Carry on!)

Pretty soon I was grooving SO HARD!

Out of my peripheral vision I realized I was being watched and I glanced over to see an old man in a beat up work truck with his windows down watching me. He quickly looked away – embarrassed for me I imagine. And come on – I mean it’s better than being caught picking my nose, but still made me blush and almost, almost made me stop…

But then I remembered why I was dancing. Because I did not FEEL like dancing. But I needed to change the way I was feeling… so…..

I rolled down my window.I didn’t speak to him, I just kept sining, poorly. Off-key. And dancing my little heart out.

He turned to look at me just as I pronounced my intention to “color my hair and do what I dare…”

I was smiling, looking in his wrinkled face and surprised eyes.

I kept singing, finally nodding at him and pointing my finger toward him.

He grinned back, gave a stiff little shuffle-head bop not much better than mine but – ok so it was better than mine – and just as the light turned green we moved forward and he leaned over to yell out the window…

I was totally excited to hear what he would say! “You go girl!” “You made my day” “You sure are a woman!” Even, “What’s your number” (He was like 100 years old y’all don’t worry.)

I leaned forward and, as he smoothly sailed by me I heard… “loco…”

Not what I was exactly hoping for… But hey! He was smiling! And so was I.






About mE

living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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2 Responses to Dancing For Joy

  1. shauna says:

    Made my night girlfriend! (And you are not alone …)

  2. Melody says:

    Love it! For some reason the old saying comes to mind….. When life hands you a lemon…make some lemonade! You did it with a smile and a head bop! 🙂

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