Hi – i’m Marvelyne (aka: mE because it’s WAY faster to type / write than Marvelyne!) Thanks for stopping by what we lovingly refer to as “misadventures.
I hope you find something here that will entertain, amuse, enlighten and encourage you!

here’s MY version of a bio:

I am an eternal contradiction and I simply don’t fit a “box.” (I bet you are a lot like that too!)
I adore stilettos and NFL football.
I believe you can never have to much bling – or power tools.
I’m a medical and legal nerd who is also a Trekkie and Super Hero Movie fan.
I am a serious debater and enjoy talks on theology and research… and fart jokes.
I am passionate about purpose but believe firmly in staying in the moment.

And I’m learning to live in this place of “tension” between all the layers that make me… well… mE. So, basically I’m a ‘hot mess’ embracing life with all the crazy things that get tossed in my direction – and I hope you are also busy sorting this journey out ~ and we can do it together. 

peace ~

PS: My husband is speaker and best selling author Marcus Engel (www.MarcusEngel.com). Along with his yellow lab seeing eye dog Garrett, we travel the world for work (which we usually manage to turn into play!)


Marvelyne Engel is a writer and speaker who helps heal invisible wounds. After two decades of serving in pastoral ministry, she is now pursuing an M.S. in counseling with a focus on helping those dealing with traumatic events find their own, authentic path to healing. Wearer of many hats: wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, adventurer, lover of shoes and collector of stories. Learn more at her blog, http://www.aLittleMisadventure.com





6 Responses to ABOUT mE

  1. Carolyn O'Neill says:

    Marvelyne and Marcus,
    Wow…what great news about Marcus and his 4.0 grade point average! (and from Columbia University in N.Y.C.) Congratulations are in order for both of you. A good man MUST have a brilliant and loving mate to help him. 🙂

    Just wanted you to know that I am thinking about you and wishing you well.
    From one of your biggest fans,

    Carolyn O’Neill

  2. mE says:

    Awww! How sweet Carolyn! Thank you so much!!

  3. Deb says:

    I really like your blog page! Based on some of your words I read I was curious if you ever read the book “the four agreements” ? It’s based on the following:

    Be impeccable with your word
    Take nothing personal
    Don’t make assumptions
    Always do your best

    I read it twice. I find the more I keep these in mind the less regrets I have, the happier I feel, and so appreciate life and those around me. I maintain a focus on the present and stopped living in the past.

    Will check back with you—I enjoyed your misadventures 🙂

    • mE says:

      Hi Deb! Thanks for the note!
      And YES!!! I love The Four Agreements and both hubby and I read it yearly to keep us focused. So much truth – even when it’s a bit harder to practice it is oh so worth it!
      hugs, mE

  4. LFFL says:

    I love that you’re all over the map—bling and power tools, stilettos and football. You remind me of me. Gotta love life.

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