Giant Horn Beetle Saviors

Traveling to different parts of the country means getting to experience so many different things – new foods, new customs, new accents, new decor… and new bugs.

The bug part is not my favorite part – I readily confess this to be true. As much as I’d like to be all brave and tell you differently – it would be a lie. I’m not a bug girl. I’m an NFL girl… I’m a mud girl… I’m a go ice fishing girl… and even a take her to the shooting range girl (and I’ll probably out score you…) but bugs? Yah. Keep those away please. PLEASSSSEEEE!

So when we were walking into our hotel lobby here in Michigan last evening and this mammoth – I mean nearly prehistoric creature was in our path it’s totally understandable I nearly lost my religion!

Giant Horn Beetle

apparently this is a “giant horn beetle”

He was leisurely strolling along right in front of Garret and he, who doesn’t even stop to pay attention to felines, stopped to check out this monster and did a double take, I spoke up. Or maybe hollered. Or kind of screamed a bit. Or okay a lot, I might have let loose a full on scream.

In my defense I didn’t know if the thing had teeth or not – or if it was poisonous. Or how fast it could run… or even what it WAS. But it was way – I mean entirely to big to step on – it was bigger than my shoe! Okay – that is an exaggeration but it was seriously huge!

Thankfully about that time this awesome hero stepped forward, scooped up the nasty varmint and returned him to the wild out doors where he belonged. Far, far away. Like in Tucson.

After my heart returned to normal and feeling returned to my legs I tried to thank my angelic savior for rescuing the day.

“Oh you are certainly the hero today! Thank you!”

“Oh thats just a Giant Horned Beetle. Ain’t nothing.”

“Well it was to me. I’ve never seen one before! Thanks for taking it outside.”

“Them things won’t hurt ya.” Then, as if you assure me he was indeed a mere mortal he added, “I ate a banana slug once on a dare. Ain’t nothing.”


I feel obligated to clarify: No alcohol was involved in this exchange.

However I am reminded that sometimes the things that scare us the most – are just Giant Horn Beetles to others. Or Banana Slugs. Whatever that is.

So soldier on warriors. You’re braver than you think – you made it this far. Keep going. I believe in you.



About mE

living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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4 Responses to Giant Horn Beetle Saviors

  1. shauna says:

    Ha! I would have screamed too! No shame in that!

  2. Mike McLeod says:

    Ha….Sandy would have run out of the room!!! Excellent…

  3. mE says:

    I feel like I’m in good company then! 🙂

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