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This Is Going To End Badly….

Mason, the worlds most adorable toddler, has officially ‘graduated’ and is now a real live boy. He starts Pre-K this August. It’s shocking and wonderful and horrifying and amazing and beautiful all at once. We are all having those universal … Continue reading

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Why the Butcher Made Me Cry

Christmas Eve Day. The table is set – beautifully I might add. Why? Because for the last month I’ve fretted over each and every detail because I adore a gorgeous table. The theme this year is glam-glam with extra sparkle. Mirror … Continue reading

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An Imperfect Thanksgiving

Broken and imperfect and missing a few letters here and there – can still be completely beautiful. Continue reading

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For Hurting Parents

“Parenting isn’t supposed to hurt like this!” “I did what I was supposed to do – what went wrong?!” Have you ever felt like that? Confused as to what the hell happened to your adorable toddler?! The truth is parenting is soooo … Continue reading

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Goodbye 2014. Hello Crazy Life.

I love the Holidays! And I really, really love the “after the Holidays!” There’s something very precious and sweet to me about returning to routine… switching the year on the calendar and moving forward. Or… maybe I’m just happy to … Continue reading

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Running Lies And Other Accidental Competitions

I have a reoccurring nightmare. I’m running a marathon. (ha! Imagine mE running a marathon! And for the record – if you ever do indeed see me running you better join me because I’m pretty sure it must be something … Continue reading

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The Prostate Debate of 2014

So… I was having symptoms of a UTI. Think that’s TMI? Just hang on!  😉 After a few days of home remedies with no improvement I made the appropriate doc appointment for ridiculously early the next morning. As is custom, upon … Continue reading

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