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The Prostate Debate of 2014

So… I was having symptoms of a UTI. Think that’s TMI? Just hang on! Ā šŸ˜‰ After a few days of home remedies with no improvement I made the appropriateĀ doc appointment for ridiculously early the next morning. As is custom, upon … Continue reading

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Scabby Butts and the Instagram Life Lie

A last minute decision left precious few moments to pack and jump onĀ a flight. A drastic lack of sleep causedĀ less than perfect choices as I tossed my wardrobe into a carry on and rushed to the airport. The up side … Continue reading

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I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty… Well, At Least Smart. And Skinny.

This past Sunday night my husband asked me to watch Miss USA with him. If that doesn’t make you giggle you aren’t thinking about it correctly šŸ™‚ Now Marcus is NOT a big TV fan, and reality shows or competition … Continue reading

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Surviving a Florida Tornado

I still can’t believe I was there when it happened… Sitting safely in my car I watched the swirling action of a tornado as it raced across the landscape. The fact that I didn’t immediately go running, screaming in the … Continue reading

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