Taco Bell and Emotional Incontinence

So. The girls in our family are leaky. Hum. That sounds gross… we are “Emotionally Incontinent“… that’s more sophisticated stupid sounding, right? Okay – we cry easily!

If you cry in front of me, I will probably join you. If I see something sweet, or sad or a myriad of other things – my eyes fill with tears. It just happens! And, my girls are just like me. This has led to more than a few embarrassing moments I will spare you… Okay except one:

Warning: Side Rant!
You know that really dumb song about shoes and dying momma’s they play every year at Christmas time? Well, I really really hate that song! (And I try to save the word “hate” for very rare occasions!) The concept is utterly ridiculous. It is clearly a manipulation of emotions. It’s made a bazillion dollars for the writer – all while being a totally goofy idea! BUT! It makes me cry every time I hear it!
So this makes me more than a little annoyed! – And it also assures the kids make sure to play it loudly as often as they can!  

Rant over!

In addition to being “easy to weep” we also do it very woman crying the ugly cry
unattractively. The famous “ugly cry” complete with snot and, thanks to our pasty white skin, bright red nose, swollen eyes and probably (which means most defiantly) lots of snorting. Sorry girls!

So, my daughter was driving me through Taco Bell to pick up some dinner for her brother. Classy I know. 🙂

She’s in the middle of some tough stuff and we were having serious girl talk. So of course, she got the sniffles… (as described above.)

We ordered the meal and pull around to the window, she hands the young woman the cash and when the lady handed back the change she asked, “Do you like our Cinnamon Twists?”

Not being Taco Bell regulars, we didn’t know what they were. She just smiled and said, “Ok!”

Then she handed us the bag of food and leans in and says, “I put some Cinnamon Twists in your bag. They are really good – and I hope you feel better!”

We were so stunned I’m not even sure we said, “thank you” but I did manage to blurt out, “Pull over in the parking lot quick cause we are both gonna have to take a few moments to cry!”

It was simply one of the sweetest things ever. And the tears poured from both of us.

I don’t know for sure, but I doubt most little kids grow up dreaming about working in a fast food restaurant. (But I’m so very grateful for all of you that do! You’ve feed my family more times than I care to admit!).

I kinda doubt that cashiers at these places really think of their jobs as “doing something to make the world a better place” or go home feeling like they saved a life or made a huge impact on someone else.

But none of these ideas stopped this young woman from doing something so very kind and generous that it will live etched on our hearts. Her gift was not fried sugar to eat – it was compassion. It was hope. It was a reminder that people are good and things will get better.

I believe that too often we wait for the perfect timing to make a “grand gesture” while we walk by the tear stained faces of people who just need a smile or the smallest kindness. Things we can do without big budgets or applause. Things we don’t have to plan for or carve out hunks of time to do. Moments we just jump in and “do!”

This young woman inspired me so very much! Her impulsive thoughtfulness marked my heart. And I am so very grateful.

So thank you Taco Bell drive thru cashier. You grabbed an opportunity and made a moment using just the tools in your hand… and you did it brilliantly! Now it’s our turn… who are you going to impact today?




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7 Responses to Taco Bell and Emotional Incontinence

  1. Elaine Richardson says:

    Love this! We should all strive everyday to “pay it forward”. (and if you haven’t seen that movie, I encourage you to watch it. You will cry, but you will also be motivated to pay it forward.)

  2. mE says:

    Yes Elaine! Love the movie AND the concept! Man – the world would be such a sweeter place for all of us! I adore your outlook on life – always! 🙂 *hugs*

  3. Debe Hoffman. says:

    One of my favorite things to do is to pay for the person behind me in a drive thru. Yes that person gets a free lunch. But the best part is the cashier gets to deliver the good news …. Bingo double win. I have had cashiers get so excited they always smile and they get to enjoy the excitement of the next person while I simply drive away. Try it once and you’ll be hooked.

  4. carmenlett says:

    It’s so true. We don’t need fame, a load of money or even great gifts and talents to impact every day – some ONE! Heidi Baker’s famous quote: “stop for the one”. Great blog!

  5. Brooks says:

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