To all the Dads I’ve Loved Before…

I’ve had the amazing joy of knowing many wonderful fathers. Men who step up to share their love, time and experience with others. The world is better because of you. Today I’d like to take a moment to honor a few men who changed my life.

To my dad, thank you for being the first man I loved and for teaching me that girls can be smart. I love you! For all the dads who love and encourage their children to embrace their gifts and follow their passion – Thank you.

To the father of my children – thank you for giving my the three most precious gifts. For not being afraid to change diapers or take the three a.m. feedings. For all the dads who coach little league, play barbies, and show up for your children – Thank you.

To my husband – thank you for being willing to trade in the bachelor life and jump straight into hardcore parenting. You dried our tears, kissed our wounds and gave us hope. For all you men who step up – when you don’t have to – and love children just because all children should be loved – Thank you.image

To my Father in law – thank you for welcoming us into the family and being a role model of what real men really are. For all the men who do the right thing for their families day after day – Thank you.

To my son-in-love – Luis. thank you for allowing my the honor of watching as you first held a squirming, crying bundle of perfection while filled with awe and trepidation – then seeing that transformed into wonder, love and the instinctual understanding of exactly what your baby needed. You love well. For all you guys who rise up to the challenge of fatherhood – Thank you.

To all you guys that do the right things just because… Thank you. Happy Fathers Day.


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2 Responses to To all the Dads I’ve Loved Before…

  1. Deb Sherwood says:

    Beautifully said!

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