The Love/Hate day…

Valentines Day is one of those holidays you see such extremes! Some (uhhh usually the freshly in love or freshly in the dog house with their lover!) get waaaay into it and then others (and I will decline to comment on the why’s but usually… oh okay… no comment.) really hate this “holiday” and grumble something along the lines of greeting card companies getting rich and the absurdity of it all.

I’m, gratefully, madly in love with my hubby, even tho it’s a bit beyond the ‘newly dating’ phase, I still adore this holiday! I mean, how can I NOT love a day devoted to LOVE!

Of course, most people limit the holiday to loving a partner… and while I’m thrilled to celebrate my sexy hubby at any opportunity… I adore using this day as a reminder of ALL the people we should be showering with love!

So if you’re busy making hot, sweet, exciting plans for a special someone – I’d like to encourage you to also take a moment to plan something thoughtful for someone else. A neighbor,  co-worker, random stranger… you never feel more satisfied than when you are sharing love!

And… if this is a downer day for you because you don’t have a fun new boyfriend/girlfriend even MORE reason to reach out to someone else. Instead of being grumpy all day – share the love with a friend or acquaintance or even yourself!

And lastly… for some this day is just painful. Perhaps you’ve lost a long time partner, or it’s a reminder that “the whole world” seems to be paired up and you aren’t so you feel achingly alone… You have a very precious perspective and understanding of those recently divorced, widowed, etc… So I encourage you to really put time and energy into compassionate connection with someone who is also likely to be hurting. The lady down the street that you know probably hasn’t received flowers in ten years… the young couple who are barely making it and have no way to do anything special or frivolous… etc.

And then… let’s try to live more days like they are February 14th and keep an eye out for times, ways and opportunities to be love in action.

Love cares, stops, stoops, notices, rescues and extends…
Love Does Stuff.

When you dare to expand your definition and risk “doing” love … i promise you’ll experience a whole new level of joy, and not just on Valentine’s Day!!


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4 Responses to The Love/Hate day…

  1. shauna says:

    Well said! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. Deb Sherwood says:

    love never ends…

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