Don’t Judge Me – Oops! Too Late!



A few months ago I had the fun opportunity to speak at a women’s conference and therefore share the green room with some truly amazing women, make some new friends and catch up with some old… wait. Not old – I mean, long time friends. There. That sounds younger – doesn’t it?? Yikes. Anyway!

One woman in particular really just stood out – Cindy. Mostly because she is a rare kind of girl: Totally Gorgeous – (a bit disgustingly gorgeous now that I really think about it) and as much as you might want to dislike her for being so pretty – you can’t because she is Totally Gorgeous inside as well.

Sweet and funny and generous and loving and adorable ~ just precious and perfect!

She was slated to speak the next morning and as we were chatting she was informed that the next day would be “T-shirt” day and the attendees would all be wearing the conference tees. She seemed someone uncomfortable before whispering, “The jeans I brought aren’t the type you wear with a t-shirt!”

We all have those jeans – the ones that look great with a longer shirt or jacket – but might be a bit too much (errr too little??) to pair with a shorter shirt. Now, she could have refused to wear the t-shirt and instead shown up in her prepared outfit – but that’s just not her heart… she wanted to do what was requested even when she wasn’t prepared (just another thing to adore about her!).

So as she walked out the door that night she turned back and said, “If my jeans look too tight tomorrow – don’t judge me!” And we all laughed. 🙂

Needless to say she got up the next morning and totally rocked the house and was awesome and gorgeous and I don’t think anyone even noticed if she was wearing jeans or not! (Cindy Thomas –

But that phrase keeps playing in my head… “Don’t judge me!”

That night when she said it, I remember thinking, “Too late! I’ve already judged you – you are fabulous!”

We make judgments everyday. It doesn’t matter if we want to or not. (And, duh, lots of times we NEED to make judgments – that ability keeps us safe and healthy.)

What if we just decided to embrace the notion of judgment. Rather than fighting something that is so inherit in our nature we just said to ourselves, “OK! I judge you!”

Now, here’s the tricky part – we have to be very intentional about what/how/who we judge. And this is where I brag a moment about my brilliant husband and quote the phrase he says all the time: “I go through life assuming everyone is my friend, unless they tell me different.” (*NOTE: this is not a good idea to share with young children regarding dangers! But you know that already!)

Instead of waiting to meet someone and making them “prove” they are good or valuable or likable, go ahead and pre-judge that they are. Walk through life looking for the good – search it out, embrace it, celebrate it!

If you’re going to assume anyway – why not assume the best about each other?

So today I will proudly admit that I judge you.
YOU are gorgeous!
Fearfully, wonderfully, beautifully made.
Designed for this moment in time with a multitude of gifts and talents to share.

Judge yourself kindly first ~ then pass it along!



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