You Saw Me Do What?!?

I love sunglasses. I know you’re shocked right? 🙂 I might love boots more… but that’s probably because here in Florida you don’t really get to wear them that often but shades are an everyday accessory.

I’ve noticed recently that one of my favorite pair is getting a bit loose (reminder: marvelyne – go to doc’s and get your sunglasses fixed!), and because they tend to slide a smidge down my nose if I have them on for long I get those yucky sunglass creases on my face.  (I will blame this on my marvelously high cheek bones … just go with me on this… okay?)

While driving to an event Sunday afternoon I realized I was going to probably get those marks – and I didn’t want to show up looking all weird.

Straws are quite multi-functional!

(I should note here that the glasses are prescription, so just taking them off would be an easy fix except then I might not see the road which might cause a much more serious issue!) so instead I start looking around my car for a tissue or something thinking “ahh haa! I know how to fix this! I’ll just tuck something between my face and the edge of my frame!”

Well… of course there are no Kleenex within reach. However – I did find a wrapped straw. Voila! Problem solver that I am I came up with this brilliant plan. Place the edge of the straw between my skin and the edge of the glasses!

Of course I was smart enough to place this on my right side, so people driving by me wouldn’t see the ridiculous contraption I’d created to fix my problem.

After getting several strange looks at red lights I finally figured out, that because I placed the straw on my right side – the other passengers were getting this view.

I promise it is NOT in my nose!

Yes. From this angle, it looks like the straw is shoved up my nose. Lovely.

Ever try to fix one problem only to create a different one? Oh the control freak, perfectionist in me (and by the way, that is a scary combo my friend!) HATES when this happens! But I’ve survived quite a few embarrassing moments… and I love something I heard recently along the lines of “remember today’s I’m going to die of embarrassment moments are the best stories to tell tomorrow.”

Being afraid of looking silly at the event – I ended up looking much, much worse! I mean – “take a photo of that crazy lady driving down the road with a straw up her nose and tweet it to all your friends” kind of worse!

It’s really easy to get so caught up in “fixing” that we don’t see what mess we are creating. And sometimes creating a mess is part of the process to make something better.

And while I am ALL about learning from other’s mistakes, at times, trial and error seems to be our best teacher.

So – I guess I just want to encourage you to not be afraid to try something! Go boldly down your path! Messing up can turn out kinda fun anyway! Adventure or rather … Misadventure. Right?

It might work – it might not – but if you learn something along the way then even “failure” isn’t wasted!

But straws up your nose are plain nasty. So don’t do that.

Just saying.


About mE

living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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5 Responses to You Saw Me Do What?!?

  1. Alix says:

    I am laughing *so* hard. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Karen says:

    Too funny with a great moral!!!

  3. Christie says:

    That was epic!! I got a huge smile out of it, you’re a riot!!! =)

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