“Fight Like a Girl” (And why you always need a Starbucks napkin around!)

This past weekend I had the awesome opportunity to speak at my sisters (www.MarthaMunizzi.com) first ever Women’s Conference, “Fight Like a Girl”  in Orlando, Florida – and true to form it was, indeed EPIC! Each speaker, each session, each moment was pure brilliance. (And if you weren’t there – don’t miss next years! I can’t even begin to imagine where this thing is going!).

it’s supposed to be “Marvelyne”…. take note y’all!

Being in the same venue with speakers like Lisa Bevere, Christine Martin, Amy Smith and Riva Tims is no small thing! And I was really excited and looking forward to it. 

(Even if my name WAS spelled incorrectly in the program… yah… it’s okay. It’s a hard name to spell… even for my sisters… yah…)

Of course sharing a stage with both my sisters (the other one is http://www.MaryAlessi.com) isn’t exactly unimpressive – but I confess I had a little plot to sort of level that playing field… >insert the evil grin of a big sister<… You just have to stay tuned for THAT!

So – Saturday morning arrives, the last day of the conference. I get there early and head to the green room where my mother greets me with a hug and a smile and a “don’t you think that shirt shows a bit too much cleavage?”

Uhhh gee thanks! No, obviously I didn’t think that before but now I can think of nothing else! (Thank God for a mother that tells you the truth – right?!?!).

I proceed to ask each woman as they enter – Is this shirt too low??

Funny thing: they all respond in almost the exact same way: “no no, not at all – want me to see if I have a safety pin?”

So by now, in my mind – I’m dressed for Mardi Gras on Bourbon street! Mentally this thing is growing ALL out of proportion (he he he – get it?? he he he)  Seriously – I’m now obsessed. And becoming frantic.

Mom:  It’s fine really, just don’t bend over.

Me: Have you MET me?? You tell me not to bend over so that makes certain I will end up bending over!

Meanwhile visions of my boobs magically bursting from underneath my top and erupting on stage is the ONLY thing in my mind! Unrealistic? Yes! Hey – I’m not even THAT “blessed” – get real people! None-the-less it’s TOTAL PANIC by now.

Love me some Starbucks!

So I do what any savvy female does – I decide to fix this problem. Grabbing the closest thing I can find, which is, rather appropriately, a Starbucks napkin, I proceed to fashion a little “inset” piece to stick into the “V” of my tank top. Working carefully to smooth it out – I take a deep breath. This will be fine.

Of course napkins tend to move. And bunch up. And if you are nervous and sweaty they start changing colors. And slipping down. And out. And NOW I look like I did that time in 6th grade when I very ineffectively decided to stuff my bra using underwear – brightly colored underwear so each side was not only lumpy and unsymmetrical they also had mismatching, brightly patterned strangely shaped crinkly bumps! (why did I do this??? I have no earthly idea!)

Then my hero arrived. Side note here: My sister Mary and her husband Steve pastor one of the most amazing churches on the planet (www.MetroLifeChurch.cc) in Miami Florida. Seriously – I’ve considered moving south JUST to be a part of this awesome family. (However, since I really wanna move back to NYC going further south seems to be a bit counterproductive…) So, anyway…

Not only was Mary at the event, she brought along some of the totally fab women who work with her at Metro – including the amazing Mory. Now, Mory is a “get it done” person.

There is no way to express how much I LOVE a woman who sees an issue, jumps up, takes care of it and moves on to the next problem to solve – no drama, no hysterics, no silliness, no debates – just BAM take care of it.

As the music started and it was time to be inside and on call, she took one look at me and pointed to the women’s restroom. With a woman like this you don’t ask – you just do what she says!

We step into the large area and before I know it her shirt is off, so I immediately take mine off. As she removes her top she says, “I have this cami on that is actually Mary’s. Put it on under your shirt.”

So I did.

BTW – to the random women who came in to use the bathroom during this time all I can say is… sorry for flashing you – but aren’t you glad we at least had CUTE bra’s on??? 🙂

Disaster averted. No Janet Jackson replay. No Madonna “flash.” No New Orleans beads required. And I didn’t have to be distracted while I was speaking constantly checking to make sure that the girls weren’t loose!

Fight Like a Girl
Don’t miss next years!!

So – thank you Mory – for lending me Mary’s top, but more importantly for being the example of that special type of person who just finds a way to deal with the problem (uhhhh a more effective way than the napkin I mean).

A lot of time we wait for someone else to “step up,” or we get intimidated or let the whispers of doubt distract us from being an answer… But truthfully most every day we have the opportunity to be someone’s hero!

I’m going to do my best to follow this example and not wait around but rather jump in – and I hope you do too. The world needs you – your friends need you – your neighbor needs you – and even sometimes a stranger needs you! So take off your shirt and go for! Or…. Something like that…

P.S. By the way Mary – I know I said I’d send the top back, but it’s really comfy! I think I’ll just keep it a little longer okay thank you very much thank you again love you sister!


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15 Responses to “Fight Like a Girl” (And why you always need a Starbucks napkin around!)

  1. And I was there to witness it all. Your Mother….You were terrific – I am very proud!

  2. beckie grantz says:

    Hahaha! That was great! From one cutie pie to another, thanks for the giggles. Its nice to know that the cute ones in the family are also brilliantly funny! Thank you again for the book…it will be next on my reading list. Looking forward to next year’s conference…..

  3. MoryMartinez says:

    Hilarious Marvelyne! Thanks for being so real and sharing your perspective of the morning. So happy you were able to be yourself during your talk. You were absolutely fabulous!

    Pray that women see your point in this blog – we really do need each other!!! And if you are ever in need of a white cami again, you can count on me 🙂


    • mE says:

      thank you my hero 🙂
      and YES! so true – we do need each other! and like lisa said – we are unique- without rival! 🙂 love that! hugs!

      • The Woman says:

        So what you are saying is, Mory gave up her cleavage cover for you, soooo Mory had cleavage showing so you would not. Sisters Unite! I love it, way to take one for the team!

      • mE says:

        ha ha ha woman! the things we sacrifice for one another right?!?! LOL hugs!

  4. Mary Alessi says:

    I want my cami back!!!! Jk. You owe me one! Your blog made me laugh and cry. Wow, it’s fantastic. You are such a gifted writer and you’re a master at bringing a REAL moment onto the page. You’ve got a gift sis.

    • mE says:

      awww – thank you sister!
      cami? what cami?? i gave that back already – yah – that’s it! i gave it back uhh hmm. u must have lost it…..
      love you!

  5. Julie S. says:

    This is TOO funny! But yes, those people who just swoop in and fix problems are SO amazing!

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  7. wendy says:

    love your blog wish I could of made it but no money

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