Lessons from Bald Women

Happy Wednesday! 

We got to have lunch this past week with the fabulous “Woods Family” who adopted Marcus’ last seeing eye dog, Carson (John, Julie, McKenzie and Madelyn). These guys are great and so much fun to hang around! It was also really special to get to catch up with how Carson is doing in retirement.  My favorite bit of news (and if you ever met Carson you’ll appreciate this too!) was hearing how John’s mom loves to give him treats – things like marshmallows! It makes me grin SOOOO big because Carson loves food more than any animal I’ve ever been around! This is the dog that stole an entire, unopened box of chocolate covered Oreo’s – ate them all – then hid the packaging under his bed! Ahhh. Love that dog! 

So I’m doing the final edits and revisions for Marcus’ soon to be released book Everyday Inspiration and when I came across one of my favorite chapters, that mentions Carson btw, I decided to give you guys a sneak peek.

Don’t tell Marcus! … oh wait.  He subscribes to my blog.
Hey honey! I’m posting one of your articles okay??
Thanks! Love you!!


Lessons From Bald Women
by Marcus Engel

I have periodic appointments with my otolaryngologist (try saying that five times fast!) I absolutely adore this ENT doc except for one little issue – he’s almost always late. What?! A doctor, late?! Shocking, I know.

As I’m sitting in the waiting room, my appointment time came and went. As did another 15 minutes. Then 15 more. I was starting to get agitated. I was really not in a chit chatty mood when another waiting patient commented on Carson, my Seeing Eye dog. With that, two or three more patients, all women, joined in complimenting my pooch. They enthusiastically asked questions and I answered as politely as I could… which probably wasn’t as courteous as usual since I was so annoyed that all this sitting around waiting was cutting into my lunch time.

When the conversation died down my wife Marvelyne leaned over and said, “Just so you know, I’m the only woman here who has hair.” It was then that I remembered the doctor’s office is in a place called the Pratt Cancer Center. And these four women were some of the patients who benefit from the services of this medical institution.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to be frustrated over a late doctor when you’re sitting with chemo patients? It ain’t easy. Trust me. The women went on to talk to one another, laughing and chatting. Enjoying normal conversation and camaraderie.

And all the while I couldn’t shake the thought that these vivacious, beautiful women were fighting the battle of their lives. And they still took time to enjoy the wonder of a black lab.

Here’s the blinding flash of the obvious I felt in that waiting room: whatever problems you’re facing, there are people dealing with lots, lots worse. If we can keep that in mind, we’ll all live lives of appreciation for the comforts we have.



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4 Responses to Lessons from Bald Women

  1. Julie Woods says:

    He is a pretty great dog!!

  2. Sheila Englebardt says:

    As always, cool insight!

  3. Barbara Davis says:

    He’s still a handsome guy, too, if this is a recent picture! Thanks, “Woods Family”, for taking such good care of him!
    Barb Davis

  4. Evelyn says:

    In this day and age, where there are so many emails sent from everyone, tons of blogs, newsletters, etc. the ones from you two, remain jewels of internet. I always look forward to reading them, The two of you provide new insights, good food for thoughts, not easy to do in this day and age. thank you for continually providing fresh insights!

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