Pinky Swear!

Yes – I know – I haven’t been around much lately.
I’m still recovering from my automobile crash (thanks again for all your sweet notes). It’s amazing how much of your time visiting doctors and healing and resting takes!

Yet during the midst of what has mostly been a LOT of taking it VERY easy I somehow managed to do this:

Broken finger in splint

Yep. If you can’t tell from the photo I managed to break my pinkie.
(NOT in the car crash, but rather a few weeks after.)

And from walking around with this device on my hand, experience tells me the next question is: “Ohh! How’d you do it?”

Over my life time I’ve had a total of four broken bones, and I’ve yet to have a great story.

* Arm: As a kid I fell out of a tree. (Only thing remotely interesting is that, being afraid of getting into trouble I wore long sleeves for an entire summer and managed to hide it from my parents… (The number of psychological issues that alone contains is mind-boggling! Yikes!)

* Foot: Couple years ago I was texting and walking and fell down some steps. Yah. I know.

* Nose: A few months ago was tickling Mason who, as one and a half year old boys are prone to do) jerked the back of his head into my face. (Not a very bad break – no free nose jobs or anything – sadly) 😉

* Finger – Pinkie: How? … This hurts to say, but I was watching TV in bed and managed to get my pinkie twisted up in the sheets. I know this makes no sense… which is probably why it took me 10 days to finally get an x-ray and turns out it is a pretty bad break. I can honestly say I don’t know many people who have managed to gain a broken finger while on bed rest. (*sigh)

Do you know how uncomfortable it is to answer the:
“Ohh! How’d you do it?”
question with –
“Uhhhh, well I was in bed…”

I think next time someone asks I’m going to say skiing or saving a child from a burning building or something! Anything but the sad truth!

Now spending the last couple weeks with my hand in this… contraption… has been extremely annoying. I have a whole new appreciation for my pinkie.

Right now the most mundane of tasks are uncomfortable and some seem nearly impossible. Typing, unscrewing the top off of jars, washing my hair, fixing my hair, lifting things, turning the pages of a book… so many things I’ve never though of!
And it’s just a PINKIE FINGER!

I mean really, the pinkie is the “throw away” of fingers… it seems by far the least useful of the finger family (except for wearing cute rings on, and holding up when you drink from a fancy tea cup).

But this “least of” body part has a LOT of value.
It does functions that are easy to overlook – but contribute a lot nonetheless.

It makes me wonder how often I overlook the people I cross path’s with who don’t do the “big things” but provide a service that makes my life easier. Makes my life better.
I want to pay better attention – and verbalize my gratitude more often.

Go ahead, right now, take a moment and kiss your pinkie. Go on!

Go ahead, right now, take a moment and kiss your pinkie. Go on!

And… frankly… there are times and situations where I feel like a pinkie.

Like I don’t have much to offer… Low on the totem pole of value.
As if the gifts I bring to the table don’t measure up to the gifts someone else offers.

I know some of you feel that way at times too. Cleaning the bathroom at your home isn’t nearly as glamorous as that something you’re dreaming of doing. And – until you’ve recently been exposed to a nasty restroom – it’s easy to overlook the beauty of a clean one.

I’m glad that it’s not a contest.

We are not in competition with others,
but rather intended to COMPLEMENT:
to work together creating something beautiful.

When you stop comparing “what you do” to “what others do” in order to decide your worth – you will be way more valuable to yourself, and to the others around you.

You are unique.
Your talents, skills, personality, passions, humor,
desires can not be replaced with another. You are enough already!
Embrace it.
Understand what makes you “you” and study it,
grow it, refine it, appreciate it.
Be the best YOU that you can be. 

Stop comparing yourself to others and instead focus on how preciously and beautifully you are crafted. One of a kind.
You’ll be amazed at the freedom it brings.
I pinkie swear.


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living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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4 Responses to Pinky Swear!

  1. Alissa says:

    I broke my pinkie in a car accident and had to have surgery and a pin put in- I had a similar contraption as you. I realized quickly how important all 10 fingers are! I’ve injured myself doing dumb things and have always wanted to make up a great story. lol. Hope you heal soon!

    • mE says:

      Ouch! I’m hoping not to need surgery – doc is waiting to decide.
      And YES! Isn’t it totally tempting to tell a WAY cooler story than “I tripped…”
      I do think dumb can be the funniest tho! 😉
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Rachael says:

    Funny! (how you broke it) and my daughter could one-up you on this. In 8th grade she broke the metatarsal in her right foot when she was skipping in a classroom. Just landed on it wrong. A year later – almost to the date and while her brother was in ICU after a motorcycle accident – she broke her metatarsal in her left foot… this time? She was jumping into her skinny jeans. Mind you the girl only weighed about 70 pounds at the time, but hey… let this be a lesson to us all. Never “jump” into your skinny jeans!

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