Counting Backwards…

I have long suspected that I am the only person in the entire whole wide world who ever changes toilet paper rolls.

Okay. Maybe not THE only person on the planet – but I think I win the title in our home at least! So – I decided to conduct a little experiment.

I made a FIRM vow to not replace a single roll. No matter how very tempting it might become I determined in my heart to just watch and see what would happen.

A lovely pile of empty toilet paper rolls

A lovely pile of empty toilet paper rolls

Truthfully I entered into this experiment for fun. I realized long ago I was the house dedicated toilet paper roll changer. It didn’t bother me – it just sorta seemed to be my ‘role’ if you will. (hahahaha! wait. no, you’re right – that wasn’t funny… oh well! can’t win ’em all!)

So thinking this was some grand light hearted experiment to see how many rolls would accumulate I began to watch the paper mound grow.

And grow it did! It was funny!!


Then a strange thing began to happen… it became less funny and more annoying. With each empty roll that was left to gather dust on the ground (2 feet from the trash can I might add) – I could feel my animosity churn.

Before I realized it this had gone from “ha ha! I wonder how long it will take…” to “what the heck!?! – Am I the only one capable of replacing a TP roll around here???”

Soon I had fire in my eyes every time I went into the bathroom. Or walked past the bathroom. Or thought about the bathroom.  Okay – I was just walking around pissed off! (ha! admit it – now that pun WAS funny!)

Finally, annoyed, frustrated, short tempered I realized what had happened. Instead of just doing what I do – I had started keeping score. Worse yet – keeping score of something that wasn’t even a big deal and no one else had any idea they were being judged for! I totally set  up the ones I love most. They were certain to lose a game they didn’t even know they were playing. 

Score keeping is a dangerous thing to relationships. I know this. I mean I REALLY get this – and I do NOT consider myself “one of those people…”  But here I was, keeping track of something that had no upside. It was sure to create ill feelings in me.

So. Realizing I had been counting the wrong things I gathered some of the empties and a couple of markers and started writing on the rolls the gifts my family gives me everyday. At first it was a wee bit difficult to think of many… then it became easier and easier… before I knew it I didn’t have enough space to write all the things that were flooding my heart…

Now THIS was fun!

TP ART new

So I resolved:
each time I change a roll I’m going to give thanks for the people who I love, and remember the beautiful joys they bring to my life.

And the process began to morph.

While remaining thankful, I also began to speak blessings for the people who would grace our home.
Friends, family, repair-workers.

And soon I was seeing empty rolls that needed changing EVERY place I went – other peoples homes, airport stalls, restaurant bathrooms.

So I changed them. And I prayed for those who would touch them.
And now I’m this crazy woman running around the country changing random TP rolls everywhere I can. And you know – it’s really fun!

Some of the things I wish for you:
Peace, Joy, Laughter, Love, Strength, Wisdom, and Giggles…
lots and lots of giggles.




About mE

living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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9 Responses to Counting Backwards…

  1. Christie says:

    That is putting a positive spin on it. !

  2. Donna says:

    Love this and your perspectives on life! Thank you.

  3. Barb DeWalle says:

    You are simply awesome.

  4. mindy1414 says:

    Very creative and useful mE!! Anybody finds one, add a message & pass it on.

  5. mE says:

    an for the record – this is NOT aimed at my loving hubby (exclusively…) several of us live in this house at the moment! just, you know, clarifying! 🙂

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