A Woman’s Worth

I had the amazing opportunity to present at @MarthaMunizzi’s “Fight Like a Girl” Women’s Conference. In addition to speaking, she allowed me the honor of crafting the opening night’s introduction text.

As I’m getting things in order to head to Miami next week for @MaryAlessi and Metro Life Church’s WOMANITY 2013 (January 30 ~ February 2 – for more info visit: www.MetroLifeChurch.cc) these words keep echoing in my heart.

So here’s to you gorgeous ladies… All the women in my life who live an example of beauty and grace. And a reminder to each of us that who you have been – even who you are now – can not stop you from becoming everything you are created to be.

Hugs, mE


From the beginning of time, a war has been raging.
A battle directed at the mother of humanity: Eve, and her daughters.

Designed to create chaos.
To interrupt the life flow of creation.

The enemy’s method?
Divide and conquer.

An attempt directed at keeping woman from her destiny.
From flourishing.
From knowing who she is and all she is to be.

This insidious evil has continued to reach its dark arm forward seeking to harass the woman’s seed for generation after generation…
To keep her trapped in insecurity.
In loss of self value. In hiding. In fear.

But this is not her calling, not her true self.

The stage has been set for battle.
The enemy trembles as what was lost is being restored.

True identity is being unearthed as women begin to catch shadow like glimpses of how beautifully and carefully they are created.

An intrinsic pattern of power and grace –
of beauty and strength –
of elegance and authority.

A woman’s charm is not in deceit, but in authenticity.
Her beauty is not in vain because it is used to bless those around her.
Her loving reverence toward God, her choices, her integrity all reinforce
the delicate notion of formidable steel, encased in luxurious silk.

A woman is strong.
She is courageous.
Wisdom permeates her actions and kindness flows from her lips.
She is clothed in honor and pursues excellence.

Her worth cannot be calculated!
It is not up for debate.
Not dependent on external accomplishment – but rather on the heart.
The ferocious capacity of a woman’s heart.

A heart to stand up for what is good and true.
A heart of inspiration.
A heart to rock this world.

No longer a victim – now an ambassador.

No need to roar – for the power of a whisper belongs to her.

No need for black or white – for she is the color and beauty of creation.
A creative life force that sparkles and shimmers amid desolation.

No longer trembling, controlled by fear ~
She is stepping up, prepared for battle – because the lives of her children depend on her.

Unafraid she faces her worst critic – the voices from her past, from history.
The thoughts that fight to contain her – to hold her back.
The persuasive doubts that attempt to keep her from “becoming.”

She declares.
I have value!

I have power!
I am needed!
I am wanted!
I am good!
I am loved!



About mE

living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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  1. Donna Musel says:

    Love this one!!


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