Naked Balls, Barefoot on Broadway and the Top of the Rock

Beth has been my bestest (yes that’s a word – look it up in the mE dictionary app!) girlfriend since 9th grade. Our history is much to ridicules bizarre crazy silly and heart connected to begin to explore here. So I won’t try. But some of these pics might give you a clue!


Taking my own picture over the edge from the top of the Rock

So she and her hubby David came up to play in NYC with us last week. And this involved all 4 of us sharing 500′ ft and ONE bathroom – we had a blast (he he – sorry David – I didn’t mean to tell!). Additionally Garrett made an official declaration that his doggie bed is no longer good enough. He now wants to share the air mattress w/ Beth and David – but mostly Beth. Imagine two adults and an 80 lb Lab sharing an air-mattress?? i know you’re standing in line to come visit us now huh??

Here are a few of the highlights of our trip:

We went to the top of the rock and i only got into a
TINY bit of trouble by hanging over the guard rail to get a better photo. The cops were really pretty nice about it! Altogether It was truly awe inspiring to see my city from this view. love love love.


MY city. 🙂

We decided to do a classic and went to broadway for Phantom (beyond incredible!) and better yet we sprung for the box seats. David kept bringing up Abe Lincoln which wasn’t really a fun thought – but when Beth and I had a rather loud discussion on peeing over the rails or mooning the floor during the last chorus – now THAT was entertaining!

And being southern girls – we know how to rock box seats let me tell ya!!

barefeet hanging over the edge of the box seats

Oh yes I did!


Then we went to The Meatball Shop and had naked balls.

And they were soooo yummy I’m hoping my son will go with us next week!

(no I did not make up the name!) Proof below:


To cap it off we had not one, but TWO trips to Mood Fabrics and if you love Project Runway you’ve seen it on TV but it was even better in person. We didn’t get into toooo much trouble here.


And then – the holy grail – a remnant bin in the upholstery floor!

I sat down, crawled underneath the table (disgusting – yes but I did shower soon after!) and dug threw remnants for treasures to take home to Orlando and cover things with and tell everyone who comes over, “Well, back when I lived in the city, I was at Mood…”Image

Time is moving quickly… Like it tends to do far too often. I am making a moment by moment decision to enjoy THIS season. Right here. Right now. And taking some advice from my super sexy hubby (I had to say that to thank him for indulging all our silliness these past weeks!) who said… (he got it from the Counting Crows but whatevs)

Hold on to these moments while they pass….

Because the good ones do pass much too quickly – and sometimes, later down the road, you find yourself missing the ones that didn’t seem fun at the time. Of course you miss that great Hawaiian vacation… but sometimes I miss…. okay. I don’t miss changing diapers… BUT I do miss having diapers to change. and sweet baby kisses to get. And cuddles after bath time. And the magical ability to kiss away a boo boo.

Hold on to your moments… please don’t “wish away” this season – enjoy it if you can… find SOMETHING fun about it. or at least learn from it. The do really go entirely to quickly. For better or for… different – this too will pass.

I love you Beth! Thanks for being the very best friend/sister I could have ever wished for!



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