A Certain Grief: Mother’s Day Joy and Sorrow

Flowers and candy and breakfast in bed and my personal fav (still!) handmade cards with sweet, misspelled sentiments inside… 

These are the things Mother’s Day should be filled with. And I SOOOO very much hope yours is! I hope you are being loved on and appreciated and in turn sending things to all the mom’s around you – especially your own!

I am, however, intensely aware that for so many Mother’s Day is not a happy one, or at best a bitter / sweet one.

Maybe from loss of a child, loss of a mom.

Or maybe from a broken relationship.

Maybe your mom did not behave the way mom’s are supposed to.

Maybe, as a mom you feel like you’ve failed.

Perhaps because there’s a crib in the corner that remains empty.


I am so very sorry for your pain. And I wish I could reach out and give you a giant hug and sit with you and listen to your story…

If today is perfect for you – I’m delighted for you and celebrate with you! Still, I hope you’ll remember those in your own circle of life that it isn’t a good day for and carve out a moment. Make a call. Look at an old picture with them. Text them or hug them. Listen to them.

If today is painful for you – my heart breaks for you.

I hope you’ll realize that you aren’t alone – so many women suffer today. Perhaps in the midst of your own brokenness you can be the one reaching out to someone in a similar situation. Comfort one another, because there are some grief’s one must live thru to fully understand.

Please know, that while Marcus and I are celebrating our wonderful mothers and so thankful to be parents – we haven’t forgotten you. And we are holding you in our hearts and loving you and praying for you.

Always. mE and ME


About mE

living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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2 Responses to A Certain Grief: Mother’s Day Joy and Sorrow

  1. Barb DeWalle says:

    mE and ME,,
    One of the greatest disappointments in this world is the fact that you two probably don’t realize what a positive impact you have on everyone you encounter. You are truly the most giving, most aware, most inspirational couple I know.

    Your post about Mother’s Day left me with a lot of thoughts. Of course, each Mother’s Day I feel sad….but only for a few moments. I then realize, that of all of the souls that ever lived, live now, or ever will….God in His mercy and wisdom, picked me to be Mark’s mom. For that, I won the lottery and it is something that even his death can never change.

    He saw in this same wisdom to give me another son….the one that would bestown the title “Mom” to me. The one that gives me such joy, such pride. The one that has given me a daughter (no in law here) and three fabulous grandsons. I am blessed.

    He also thought it best that many years ago I meet another Marc….one that has stepped up and been there when I needed him the most. One that reminds me of the good that has come my way. One that, without even realizing it, has helped me formulate a philosophy to always be a friend, no matter how many years, how many miles come between us.

    And, then, as a bonus…through Marc I also “got” Marvelyne….and her wit and wisdom has never failed me. It is days like this, when I need a boost, that I feel she can read my mind in St. Louis from wherever she is writing….and set me on the right track.

    God loves the two of you and so do I.
    Barb DeWalle

  2. mE says:

    oh my precious barb –
    thank u for your kind words!
    u r always in our heart and our thoughts!

    shortly after reading your comment i was sitting with a wonderful group of nurses all hearing about you and asking about you and of course i’m weeping at the back of the room – overwhelmed with love and appreciation for you.

    the reach of your compassionate care and kindness has helped SOOOOO many more patients and caregivers alike than you will ever know.

    hugs & love – mE

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