An Accidental Thief

So even tho this was our chance to enjoy Christmas in NYC we realized we simply could NOT miss our precious new grandson’s first Christmas. So here we sit in Florida – in 85 degree weather.  Even tho I’ve lived in Florida off and on most of my life it still is kinda freaky to see the kids on Santa’s lap wearing shorts and flip-flops!

Christmas Eve’s Eve my daughter and I make the insane decision to hit the Millennia Mall – one of the busiest in Central Florida on a normal day. Also one of the most expensive so we window-shop way more than we actually purchase.  Anyway – dashing in to and out of stores looking for bargains and wigglying our way thru long lines of frantic shoppers was actually, overall kinda fun. It felt like holiday spirit in a strange way!

We were almost ready to call it a day when I saw a gorgeous bag in the Michael Kors store. I drug Maddison along and ran to the display. To see the one I was already in love with I had to move one that was not so cute – okay – it was ugly. I moved an ugly one to look at the lovely one that was calling me… whispering so tenderly in my ear… I looked longingly, touched it gently, then returned it to it’s place on the shelf, wiped away a tear and left the store.

We made a couple more quick stops and then with very few shopping bags in hand headed through Nemian Marcus and back to our car. As I pulled out my keys I looked at my arm and – oh my god!! The ugly purse was still hanging from my wrist!

I stopped abruptly and began gasping to Maddison “Look!! Look what I still have!!”  We were both totally horrified. And, ugly as it was – it still cost the same as the beautiful one.

I was looking around waiting for the police to pull up or security to come running up to me – and nope. No one in sight.

What do you do?? We look at the bag – look at our car five feet away and immediately turn around and head back into the mall. Now of course I can’t remember where the store even is and I just KNOW I’m going to be arrested while attempting to correct this mistake. After holding my breath, I’m sure looking shifty eyed and finally finding the store I practically run to the first sales associate and blurt out, “I got to my car and realized I was still holding this – here it is!”

Her mouth was still hanging open when I dashed out of the store and back to my car. Of course by now Maddison and I are laughing our bums off and saying “shucks – that woulda been a nice present for aunt Martha!”… “Too bad it wasn’t the pretty one!”

And then, for one moment I wondered… what if it had been the pretty one I ended up outside with? Oh I absolutely know I would have returned it – absolutely.

But… I might would have hesitated for just a moment… maybe. Only for a moment… but still… I’m glad it was the ugly one after all.


About mE

living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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2 Responses to An Accidental Thief

  1. Darlene says:

    Life’s decision’s are so much easier to make when they are ugly.

  2. marvelyne1 says:

    i love that!! it IS always easier when they’re ugly!! …. Hmmmm…. I have to think about that some more!

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