The Importance of the Ugly Work

You know that moment when you flush a toilet and instead of water swishing away it begins to rise? And you start jumping and hollering and dancing and yelling and crossing your fingers and praying and watching helplessly as it continues to rise?

Then you realize you are holding your breath and about to pass out from lack of oxygen and the edge of the water just swirls near the top and… sigh… split second from disaster – it stops.

And you can breathe again.

Cool piano seat toilet cover!

But then you think…

“I bet if I flush this again, it will go down…”

But it never, ever, never does.

Next time – just don’t do it!

(This may not or may have happened (again!) to me recently and was perhaps in a public restroom – and I may not (( but certainly did!)) make a very hasty exit.) Don’t judge me 🙂

So… lesson learned:

Don’t take that “maybe it’ll work” shortcut when you know in your heart there is work to be done! Yucky work. Uncomfortable work.

But doing it gives a really good pay off and sure as heck beats the alternative – right?!

So today – just do what you know you should… and let go of things you don’t need to be messing with.It’s a very good thing.


Oh – and you know, i must love you guys a LOT to look thru google images of toilets to put in this post! It was not a fun viewing experience!

Thank God we don’t have internet “smell-a-vision” yet! Some things people post are just nasty – yikes! 😉



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living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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