The Mooning of Flight 483

It’s been a rather busy travel time this October. More for Marcus than me, I’ve been staying home to rest a bit… okay. Here’s the deal. It seems I have mono.


That kind of mono.

I thought that ONE – you only got it in high-school and TWO you could only get it once.

Turns out I’m wrong on both counts.

So the resting thing isn’t exactly optional – it’s more like I’ll sit down and fall asleep practically anywhere – anytime and wake up ready to go to bed!

I called my mom to tell her the diagnosis and she responded with “Ahh! Who have you been kissing!?!”

I think she was teasing, but just in case, I assure ALL of you – other than perhaps my new Gungor CD I’ve only been kissing Marcus. And that was a joke about the CD. Mostly.

Anyway, our flight home last week from STL was rather interesting – we had a first. Garrett, the ninja dog, as you might know, loves to chew and eat things that are not exactly edible. Like plastic.

About three quarters thru the last leg of our flight home I woke up realizing something was… off. Took me a moment to realize my foot was in something wet. My sock was soaked. I looked down and – GROSS. Apparently the little orange plastic thing Garrett had decided to swallow had a different idea and decided to return to the surface.

Yep. Not exactly “snakes on a plane” but trust me – “puke on a plane” is not much better!

Sleepy, a bit disoriented and totally embarrassed I realize I need to get to the front bathroom and grab some paper towels, clean it up the best I can, and then will tell the flight attendant after everyone else exits the plane. (Fun stuff y’all!)


Now, when I have the option – I fly in comfy clothes. Because this was a late night flight to home, I had the option so was wearing a tank top and yoga pants. After sitting buckled in to an airplane seat a couple hours things shift around.

So, I take off my socks and roll the icky one into the clean one and decide to throw them away in the bathroom. I then stand up and naturally go to pull my shirt hem back down as I’m headed to the aisle. So I pull, and pull and it just doesn’t feel right…

As cool air hits my uhhhh lower back…. I realized these type of pants have a waist band that folds over.

So – I was not covering my booty with my shirt hem… nope. My shirt was safely rolled up and I was pulling my pants down. Yep. Way down.

Plumber crack kind of down.

Of course I don’t figure this out till I step into the restroom. Then I realize I have to turn and walk back facing all the folks I just mooned.

Then clean up dog vomit.

I stood looking in the bathroom mirror a moment – collecting my thoughts for the long voyage back to my seat. I consider trying to just STAY in the bathroom…

So gathering all my resolve I pull my pants up where they belong, pull my shirt down where it should be, hold my head up, determine to make zero eye contact and walk straight to my seat.

And I did. I survived.

Contrary to the inner middle school child in me’s prediction, I did not, in fact “die.” I lived.

Now, I really prefer to learn things in easier ways… but I am glad to have had a reminder that it is amazing the things we can live thru. Of course humor is a very important part of that survival. And some days – it’s “be willing to laugh at yourself” or don’t even try to get out of bed.

Of course sometimes it’s much more serious – but we always have the option of which voice we listen to… the inner 7th grade one that makes everything SOOOOO much more of a big deal? The drama queen? The pessimist? The “you never had a chance anyway?” the “just give up now, loser?” … Or the still quiet voice that eternally whispers to your heart…

“keep on, it gets better, you can do this – i’m right here with you.”

Big or small – I hope you’re listening to the VOICE that is for you – never against you.

Thanks for bearing with me while I sleep a lot for the next little while – my hubby has me basically under house arrest… you know it’s bad when the idea of a great shoe sale at Nordstroms can’t even make me want to get up and get dressed! Ahhh…. okay. back to bed for me.

And to all the folks on the flight: I’m sooooooo sorry!
Please delete any phone video you may have… please?!? 🙂


About mE

living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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7 Responses to The Mooning of Flight 483

  1. Donna says:

    Sorry for this misadventure. I’m also sorry you are tucked in at home and not here in this beautiful fall weather in Storm Lake. Your hubby got checked in a bit after 2:00. Tom met him at the same suite you stayed in before. I’ve not seen him yet. I’ll try to take some pix and post them for you. Rest.

    • mE says:

      hi donna –
      i’m SOOOO sad not to be in storm lake this time! the pics from the snow on our last trip are still some of my favorites!
      have a great time – i know marcus is excited to be with you guys!
      hugs, mE

  2. Mary Alessi says:

    This is great and so funny. I had no idea you have MONO!!! Poor thing. I’m sorry sis. Get over it though. Thanksgivings coming! 😉

    Sent from my iPhone

  3. I have come to truly believe if it is funny/embarrassing then it has or will happen to you my friend!! 🙂 Feel better soon!!

    • mE says:

      ugh girlfriend! i think you’re correct! i wonder if i should have given my hubby a “warning label” before we said “i do!” 🙂
      love you!

  4. Julie S. says:

    Hope you are feeling better!

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