Spare A Square? The Toilet Paper Test & Finishing Well

It’s finally here – the day I’ve dreaded, looked forward to and mostly avoided thinking about for a while. The toilet paper roll is empty.


There’s no more denying it – it’s time to close this season and move on.

I like to buy in bulk when it saves money (and time) and that is always true for the purchase of TP! So thru out our NYC season I invested quite a bit of time in calculating the perfect amount to have on hand – not to little (good grief!) and not too much.


And now, Marcus has completed two full time semesters – (he will do a capstone project from Orlando this summer and then graduate!) but for now – our time in NYC is over.

So today, the movers emptied out our tiny apartment (man we accumulated a lot of stuff while here!) and with a rather heavy heart i put the key in the lock one last time, then walked to the doorman and turned them in.

Now we are sitting in the Delta Sky Club waiting for the flight that will return our life to normal – at least our normal which is really anything but normal 🙂 and we will enter the next stage.

If it weren’t for the pull of so many loved ones in Florida and all the joys waiting there I fully confess I’d be one sad camper about now.

But it’s a season. And everything… everything… is created with a season. Some fly by, other’s feel like they are dragging on and on… but from the tiny life span of a mayfly (which can be as short as 30 minutes!) to

some bacteria that have a purported life span of 100 million years! (I’ve had some days that feel about that long!!)


Everything is created with a season. And entering a new one – which means to grow, and evolve and change and reach our potential – always requires letting go of the previous one. And sometimes this is a hard, hard thing. Change usually isn’t comfortable. Challenges rarely are. BUT – if we learn thru each season, our life is fuller and richer and we constantly “become” the unique and beautiful person God designed us to be.

So I’m looking backward with fondness. I’ve loved LOVED LOVED this season. And I’ve stayed close to my goal of staying “present” for each moment – good and bad. And now – we move to the next one. Stronger, more equipped, and ready for what lies ahead.


And something I’ve discovered about seasons – it’s how you “finish” that really really counts. So if you mess up the beginning, fall down in the middle, or run out of TP too early it’s okay. If you can take a breath – you have the opportunity to finish this season well.

So don’t give up on yourself.

Don’t believe the hard times will last forever.

Don’t squander the sweet ones.

Hang on and keep learning and growing.

And welcome to a new stage of “Misadventures.”

hugs, mE


About mE

living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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