Take 2 Gramps & a Skidmark, Then Call Me in the Morning

Confession time: I love fart jokes. Much to my mother’s horror – I always have and i strongly suspect I always will. I have no idea why that simple, normal, bodily function causes me to burst into giggles – but it does. Yes. Sometimes I have the sense of humor of an 11 year old boy. Sorry – it’s just the truth!

So, recently my sister came to NYC to celebrate her birthday – and we had a blast! We spent an entire day walking around the garment district, hour after hour of buttons and zippers and fabric and thread… never mind that neither one of us sews!

We had tickets for the evening performance of “Mary Poppins” (it was excellent by the way – but what else do you expect on Broadway!?).  So after our tour of fascinating things we will never understand how to use, we decided to celebrate with an elegant evening at a fancy steakhouse in Times Square. Okay… we decided this because I had a Groupon… but it WAS really fancy and super yum!

During the meal Martha decided to go use the restroom. The moment she left the table I had a BRILLIANT idea. I wanted just a beat – then ran into the restroom and ducked into the stall next to her and closed the door.

Then I pulled out my iPhone and turned to my favorite app. The FART app. Yes, I admit that out of the hundred or so apps I have – and use regularly – the one that brings me the most joy is the one that has 58 different fart sounds at the touch of a button all with cool names like:  gramps,” “mexi-mush,” “bubbly” and “skidmark.”

I quickly proceeded to press the different icons, creating all these sounds while watching her feet from under the stall. I was getting no reaction. Maybe she wasn’t hearing it. I turned up the volume and held my phone closer to her stall.


This continued for at least two minutes and without a word I watched her feet rush to the sink. I swung the door open with my “TaDa!!!” face on – ready to laugh till we cried… and just as I open my arms wide and look at her with giddy expectation I realize… it’s not her. It’s a dignified lady in a very expensive looking suit and she can’t get out of the bathroom quickly enough. (Of course it turns out she was seated two tables over from us for the entire meal!).

Yes, Martha had already left the building and missed the entire performance.  Of course while finishing our third course we are giggling hysterically!

Speaking with one of Marc’s professors this week she began to share all the documentation on how people with c

ancer live longer when they laugh more. Pure scientific evidence. Hard facts. Laughter really IS medicine!

So – whatever it takes to crack you up, make you giggle, laugh till you snort – be sure you work it into your day! Stay in touch with the people that laugh with you. Look for the “funny” in your day-to-day life. If it’s I Love Lucy reruns, pictures of cat’s talking or the laughter of a toddler – keep it around!

And if all else fails – get a fart app. It’s good for your soul, your mind, your body… I promise! The Prof at Columbia University even said so!! Well… maybe not a fart app exactly…


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living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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1 Response to Take 2 Gramps & a Skidmark, Then Call Me in the Morning

  1. Amy says:

    What an awesome blog post! Two toots for this one!!! Woohoo!

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