FCCLA & Other Things to Love About Texas

Marcus,Garrett and I got to spend a very short time last weekend in Dallas and I had the joy of remembering some of the many reasons I LOVE Texas! (Besides the family and friends that live there!) I mean how can you not love cowboys and women with big hair and boots!

And almost any product you can imagine, from diamond jewelry to coffee tables, can be found in the shape of the state. Where else does that happen? Oh – and the taxis? Yah – they call them “Cowboy Cabs!” #love!

Now – the very BEST thing about the 24 hours we spent in Dallas was the reason we where there – for Marcus to Keynote  the FCCLA State Conference and do a breakout event.

FCCLA stands for Families, Career and Community Leaders of America. These young people, along with their sponsors, are some of the finest you could hope to meet. Over 4000 strong these guys showed up READY. They aren’t waiting for “tomorrow” – they really make a practice of “Being the Change” and we were just beyond impressed!

Thanks FCCLA and Motivated PROformance for allowing us to be a part of your awesome event! We loved every moment!

Here’s some of my fav photos from the event and some “Dallas” stuff!

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7 Responses to FCCLA & Other Things to Love About Texas

  1. Carlie says:

    I was at the FCCLA event and it was amazing to see Marcus speak! I learned so much from him about how life can change in a blink of an eye. Thank you so much for coming! I enjoyed it a lot! Glad to hear you had fun in Texas, Hope you come back soon! By the way love the pictures!

  2. Nancy says:

    Hi Marvelyne! Just catching up on some computer items today and reread this item! Did we tell u that when we went to San Antonio in March that we were served waffles in the “shape” of the state of Texas? In visiting all 50 states that was a “first”!
    Hope u are having a grand time this week! Nancy

  3. Lisa H. says:

    Y’all come back now ya hear. We love our state nas if you couldn’t tell. But hey we do lover our boots, jewerly and our hair but we traded our big 80’s hair several ok many years back. But for reals you should come back when you can visit this great state for longer than 24 hours. Texas Proud!

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