Happy Leap Frog Day – Make It Count!

Yes, yes, I know it’s “Leap Year” but it always reminds me of the silly childhood game that… I never really got the point of! So forever I’ve called it “Leap Frog Day” (and I’ve always wondered about what happened if you were born on the 29th…hmmmm do you only get a party every 4 years???)  anyway – back to my point!

Today is an entire extra day we only get every four years (if I remember my 3rd grade teacher correctly!) Sooo…. I think it deserves to be celebrated! 

Yes, it will still be filled with work and cleaning and school and changing diapers and all the routine stuff of your world – but maybe we can add something to our lives today that make it richer… more special!

THINK OUTTA THE BOX! Do something you might not do on an ordinary day – remember today is a “gift day” and extra day! So do something unexpected!

Marcus and I have a few ideas in mind we’ve been planning, maybe some of these will get you started thinking about what you can do special today:

  • Smile extra big at every person you pass, say “hi” (this could be tricky here in the city – we’re headed to the Bronx today for Marcus to teach!)
  • Buy the chick-fil-a order for the family behind you in line.
  • Give someone a gift card unexpectedly.
  • Take an extra Starbucks to a co-worker who wouldn’t expect it.
  • When you pass the flower stand – grab a beautiful bouquet and take them to the single mom who works on your floor, or your grandmother, or kids baby sitter, or neighbor.
  • Take a costco size box of diapers to someone you know who has a baby.
  • Give a handwritten note (on pretty stationary or in a card!) to tell someone you appreciate what a good job they do.
  • Call a college student who you know is working really hard and tell them your proud of them – then give them some cash. (they ALWAYS need cash, right??)
  • Write a fan letter – to your husband / wife / mom / sister / child / etc.
  • Sign up for a class, or seminar outside your comfort zone.
  • Tweet to the world about how much you admire someone.
  • Write on your FaceBook status an encouraging quote.
  • Call that relative or friend you often avoid calling because you know they will talk to much – and really (try) to listen.
  • Walk up to a random person and give them a $100 bill.
  • Send that email you’ve been meaning to send to tell someone specifically what their encouragement / support has meant to you.

Whatever your budget: money / time / opportunity – find SOMETHING special to do this unique day. It will make your day more precious – and in the process another persons as well!

Post other suggestions & tips you have here – and then share your experience with us! We will be highlighting a few in a future Engel’s Ensights!

And by the way – happy leap frog day!


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living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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