a perfect day.

it is a fab fall-feeling weekend here in the city. temps in the 60’s and it is yummy beyond words! (plus the gators just won and that is pure icing on the cake!) not to mention i’ve been able to wear boots for 3 days in a row! so fun! we went to times square yesterday for lunch and walked around. still surreal to think we can hop in the subway, get out @ 42nd street and “bam” we are in the heart of midtown! life could hardly be any better!

and i am so looking forward to the next few months – i expect it will be my favorite time of the whole year. coming from florida where you don’t really have seasons – i’m ready to soak up every single second of fall in the city!

marcus came in last night from his walk with garrett and exclaimed, “i don’t like it here!” i honestly thought at first something bad had happened while he was out and about – but no. he was complaining about it being to cold. it was in the very high 50’s.  all i could think of was that – for him (and me if he whines a lot!) this is going to be a very, v e r y long winter!  lucky he’s not really the complaining type 🙂

so – let me give you the quick school update, which of course is why we are here to begin with! i’m hoping marc will write a blog so you can hear things from his view soon, but here is the basic 411.

marcus just wrapped up week two of classes. he goes to school on tuesdays and thursdays and is taking a full-time load. he has spent most of almost every day since before classes even began studying. (they sent out a list of homework prior to the very first class!). most of his work has been reading. and that’s great because he loves to read. however, it’s not exactly his first choice of material all the time. it’s heavy, focus required and sometimes technical works. he was feeling almost “stunned” after week one – but by the time he wrapped thursday night he seemed a bit more steady on his feet.

he has had some writing to do – and there is plenty more of that to come. but of course we all know he can write – so it will be hard work no doubt – but he’s perfect for the job!

he and garrett walk to class together and on the day’s he doesn’t go to school he often still walks around the campus. it gives g-dog some exercise and also keeps skills fresh. they have done incredibly well.

we moved here the month before school for that purpose – to have time to learn our way around before classes. that meant that most everyday – often several times a day – we’d all go out working routes. the first one was finding a “park” place for garrett (yah – that’s code for bathroom break – for garrett, not marcus… 😉

we found a great place a block up and across one rather quiet street (that is a MIRACLE in nyc to have a real patch of grass so close believe me!). they to the local coffee shop (unfortunately the closest starbucks is a mile away – marc could not care less, i however was shattered!). and then the school routes started.

columbia is a very large land owner in our neighborhood. the ‘main’ part of the campus starts one long block and about 3 short blocks from our front door. that is a very regular part of our routine. we’d walk to the school grounds. then a few weeks in we finally got word on which buildings and rooms marc would be having classes in – so our routes grew to include those.

the closest subway stop is several blocks away (around half a mile or so). so needless to say we are doing TONS of walking. and especially now that it’s not so wretchedly hot we really enjoy it. most days we average a couple miles. but don’t worry – we are eating plenty to replace those burned calories! (lol)

now, as school is well under way, those two are getting around like pros. i’ve tried shooting some video to share but it seems to distract garrett. i will work on that for you tho 🙂

there have been a few mishaps, like missed turns or wrong turns. this area is so full of pedestrians that there is always someone pretty close by to ask (even tho marc hates to do that!). overall it’s working out rather spectacularly.

and time is going by so quickly! of course – i’ll probably be saying something different when it’s 10 degrees and frozen outside…  until then tho:  i’m LOVIN’ it!!



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