the truth about garrett…

with garrett being so new to our family, a lot of folks were wondering how he is responding to nyc. marcus & i were extremely interested in how that was gonna go too! and i’m so happy to report that g-dog is doing amazingly well!  he seems to enjoy the city and not be ruffled at all by the noise or hustle and bustle going on around him. curious? yes.  distressed? not a bit.

it was almost like he hopped off the plane, took a look around and said, ‘oh yah, i know this place!’ (he did do training here in the city while he was at the seeing eye.

and he is doing fantastic at his routes! he is great at remembering things and knowing exactly which door marc is looking for. i mean, he is not perfect at it of course, but between marcus’ inbuilt gps and g dog’s aptitude for memorizing – those two get around probably better than i do! 🙂

moving here, and letting him use this part of his training, has really revealed to us how remarkable he is at his job. and he’s just such a sweetheart to boot!

but, there is something else we’ve discovered about the wonderful garrett. a dirty little secret that has been revealed to all who enter.

he is gassy. very, very, very gassy.

because we’re in such a tiny apartment now, i think something we’ve noticed off and on is now making a rather large impact on our lives. especially mine.  why mine? because 1 – i ‘smell’ better than marcus does. and 2 – garrett has decided he most enjoys curling up right next to my side of the bed – as close as he can – to sleep at night.

so, trapped in a itty bitty bedroom that has no a/c (ie: air circulation!), is always kind of musty, and having a 70lb lab farting regularly 20″ from your face – yah. it’s not really fun. and he does it over and over and over. it seems to awaken me several times per night. every night.

we’ve tried changing his food. no help. i’m about to whip out the ‘bean-o’. well, i have to buy some first, we don’t have it lying around here! just to clarify!

i’m not sure what to do about this ‘issue’ (ha ha). maybe the solution will come to me. but for now, we are totally in love with this cuddle-bug dog, and amazed at his abilities. but next time you visit manhatten and think that it’s smelly… we might know the culprit. or at least a contributing factor.  well, that is of course unless marcus is just blaming the dog. 

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living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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4 Responses to the truth about garrett…

  1. LOL! Don’t invite the NYC mayor’s staff to your pad – they may add a puppy poof tax

  2. Lisa Scobey says:

    You might want to get him checked for intestinal bugs/parasites…our vet just told us about that with our dog…just a suggestion…hope it gets better for you (and him)! 😉

  3. smilesomeoneloveyou says:

    Aww… Garrett i love you!!! and keep up the good work mE may deserve it ha-ha

  4. marvelyne1 says:

    ya’ll are funny! and i’m happy to report a major change in diet has helped immensely! now – if we can just find a way to stop shedding we’d be in heaven!!

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