nothing but a butt

well – planning a trip to vegas just 3 days before making a major move my not, in fact, have been the “best” move! But we survived it and had a blast celebrating my mom’s ___th birthday. (no point in saying which one – you’d never believe it anyway:)

after a frantic race to the airport (i mean the kind where they are quite litterally closing the door as you run onboard yelling “wait! wait!” and freaking all the other passengers out) – my sisters and i were headed west. along with mom.

because i travel so much, i had been upgraded to first class – cool right? well of course it is! but! this section seems to have some ettiquette i don’t always get. i mean, first thing i do is kick my shoes off before a flight (i DO put on cozy little travel socks!), and that just seems to be a ‘no no’. among other things. oh well – bring me my ginger ale and lets get rolling! and then some ice water. and then some club soda…. you see where this is heading right??

with about an hour left to go i finally look at the very handsome and polished businessman sitting beside me and point timidly toward the restroom. he stands up and i make a dash for it. i barely – i mean barely make it inside, snap the lock closed with one hand while undoing my pants and plop onto the toilet just in time… but.

*sigh* there always seems to be a but.

in this case? my butt hit the closed lid of a a tiny airport toilet.

in horror i had flashes of having to open the door – call the flight attendant – to call my mom and beg her to bring me non urine stained clothing from my carry on bag! a

instead i thanked God and i mean i THANK YOU BABY JESUS for every single kegel i’ve ever performed, popped the lid up and… well… you know.  disaster averted.

it made me think about how often we get “just this close” and hit a “but.”  sometimes it is something like “but, you can’t do that” or “but you aren’t really good enough” or “but you don’t have the natural talent it takes”… sometimes it’s more of a “butt” that’s in the way. the person that always manages to say the most hurtful thing at the most vulnerable moment. the naysayer. the critic. the doubter. the know it all. the list is endless.

the scariest part is – wondering how often am i the ‘butt?’

do i speak up, say the wrong thing at the right time, or the right thing at the wrong time? the careless remark that i didn’t take time to think about before hand. or the one i tossed out and turned away before i saw the hurt flash thru another’s eyes.

there are enough ‘buts.’

my new slogan comes from the old signs they put around town that said “no butts allowed.”

i’m saying no to buts. and butts.

and especially to being the but/butt.

at least i’ll try.


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living an adventure dreams are made of!! traveling the world with mishaps built in! why?? well, u have to read more to find that out silly :)
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